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PermitTech: Parking Permit Management Software

Municipal personnel perform many daily tasks including providing customer assistance on the telephone and at the front counter. In maintaining a high level of customer service, administrators need to provide varied information and conduct numerous transactions – quickly and accurately. 

Permit sales can be fast-paced and voluminous.  In that regard, software must provide the administrator to be fully prepared to handle this challenge.  It is critical to have all the permits set up in the database and ready to issue and sell. It is also critical that the software provides the ability to conduct the issuance and sales process without the needless necessity to enter and exit various windows to issue the permit, enter the payments, and record the transactions.

PermitTech® provides new and innovative software to perform permit issuance, sales, generate a receipt, and record the payment QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY – all from the same window.

Simplicity and Power

PermitTech® was designed to be flexibleefficient and cost-effective. The system is easy to learn, simple to use, yet comprehensive in scope.   PermitTech® incorporates all aspects of parking permit management. PermitTech® utilizes the most current technologies including today’s database engines, database optimization techniques, and true client server platforms.  With this combination, the system is scalable – meeting initial and future growth demands of small, medium, and large operations.

Windows® Platform

PermitTech® was specifically designed and developed for use on the preferred choice in the industry – client workstations to reside on platforms running Windows® XP while the applications and database servers reside on the Windows 2000/2003/2008 platform.   This platform was chosen due to the increased demand in the market place for systems residing on the familiar Microsoft platforms.

Access and SQL Server

Database Management System

The PermitTech® system is an interactive system using a client/server platform in a networked envi­ronment. All activity that takes place on the system from any of the networked workstations is immediately recorded in the system’s master file(s). PermitTech® uses Microsoft’s Access® or Microsoft SQL Server® database management systems.

PermitTech® operates as a stand alone software module, or integrated with other NetTech Software:

ParkTech® Parking Citation Management Software

MeterTech® Meter/Sign Maintenance Management Software

PalmTech® Citation Issuance Management Software

The development of PermitTech® was conducted by NetTech technical staff with an aggregate of over 125 years of experienceThis unique level of proficiency enabled NetTech to design a superior product with the ability for on-going functional enhancements.  Having been operational for over 13 years in several agencies, PermitTech® has proven to be extremely stable and operationally sound.

Data Relationships

PermitTech® uses advanced database programming techniques, linking all associated data elements within the database.  The key data elements include name, license plates, and permit.  In the permit issuance process, all pertinent information is captured and entered into the database.  The software updates the database immediately, linking these associated data elements.   This ensures access to permit holder information from virtually any data element within the database.

Whenever an inquiry is initiated, transactions and updates can be conducted from the same window – precluding the necessity to exit the window.  This is achieved by using standard Windows® techniques such as “file folder tab” selections,  “over-lay” windows, “drop down” windows, “radio buttons”, horizontal left/right scrolling arrows, vertical up/down arrow scrolling, and highlight/click selection techniques.

Database Elements

The PermitTech® database includes, but not limited to the following data elements:

  • Name, residence and work address, and phone numbers of permit holder
  • Permit holder primary and secondary license plate number(s), state, vehicle make/style/color
  • Permit holder assigned permit number/ type, permit issuance date and time
  • Permit types, locations, cost, and effective date ranges
  • Wait lists with permit type, name, addresses, phone numbers, date  and time of entry on wait list

Functional Characteristics

PermitTech® is structured to provide all administrative and managerial functional capabilities to perform all the required activities for permit processing and management.  The key functions include but not limited to the following:

  • Set-up, update, and track a variety of permit typesin multiple locations/ zones
  • Set-up and update permit series number ranges
  • Set-up, add to, and remove from wait lists
  • Issuance of new and renewal permits
  • Sell/transact payments of new and renewal permits
  • Provide sufficient money fields to accommodate special fees (lost permits, NSF checks, etc)
  • Ability to adjust, change late deposit dates for daily bank deposits
  • Ability to print Point of Sale totals on all daily permit sales transactions (for optional receipt printer/validator)
  • Capture/maintain all relevant personal information of permit holder (name, address, home/business phone, etc)
  • Maintain information to allow renewal/non-renewal notices
  • Capture and maintain information to accommodate the distribution and use of access cards for users who run lot/garage operations.
  • Perform inquiries/updates on all permit data
  • Generate various reports for permit types, issuance, renewals, sales, etc
  • Maintain a history of all permit transactions entered into the system. Entries are automatically date/time-stamped and available for the user to display and review

Permit Types

Many administrators must deal with a shortage of available parking spaces, and therefore must manage and issue permits on a limited basis. The types of permits can be varied and in some cases voluminous. PermitTech® is designed to handle a variety of permit types such as the following:

  • Residential permits
  • Merchant permits
  • City employees
  • Bulk permits
  • Visitor permits
  • Temporary permits
  • Car Pools

Permit Set up

Because of several different types of permits parking administrators might use, PermitTech® provides for flexibility of permit issuance. The system setup identifies the types and locations of permits that a campus will use and the charges for each permit type.   This includes set up, additions, changes, and deletions of:

  • Multiple permit types by location/zones (lot/street) description
  • Permit number series
  • Effective start date and expiration date
  • Cost of permit by permit type

Waiting Lists

Waiting List capabilities include:

  • Creation of wait lists by permit location/type
  • Add to, remove from wait lists
  • Enter comments to wait list records
  • Archive/purge wait lists
  • Restore wait lists
  • Access wait lists by name, location/type, and entry date (original date entered)

PermitTech® provides the ability for wait list inquiries by:

  • Name
  • Permit type/location
  • Entry date (original date entered onto wait list

As a result of wait list inquiries, the software displays the following:

  • Name and address
  • Permit type and location description
  • Date that name was entered on wait list (entry date order)
  • Residence/business phone number

Permit Issuance/Renewal

PermitTech® includes the capture of all pertinent information for subsequent tracking and reporting to include but not limited to the following:

  • Primary and secondary license plate number and state code
  • Name and address (residence and work)
  • Residence and work phone numbers
  • Vehicle make, type and color
  • Next sequential permit number to be assigned

When the issue/renew window has been selected, PermitTech® provides a drop down window displaying dialogue prompts and text boxes to capture all required information for permit issuance.

The first prompt is for primary license plate.  When the license plate has been entered, the software searches the citation file to determine if there are unpaid citations for any customer, displaying a message as to the number of unpaid citations and the total amount due (ParkTech® software must be operational for this feature to be activated).

Permit Issuance/Renewal

PermitTech® displays a list of permit types/location selectable by the user.  When a permit type has been selected, the software displays the selected permit type, beginning/ending date range, and next sequential permit number to be assigned, along with an “issue permit “ command button.

Permit Sales/Payment

When the issue permit command button is depressed, the software displays an overlay permit payment windowto capture payment amount and payment type:

  • Cash
  • Check with check number
  • Credit card with credit card number and expiration date

When the tender button is depressed, the payment is accepted, the permit is recorded as issued, and the database automatically updated.  The software is ready to capture the information for the next permit to be issued.

PermitTech® also provides the capability to transact payments for pro-rated fees

For high volume over-the-counter transactions an optional cash drawer and/or receipt printer can provide added efficiencies. With a receipt printer/ validator, a receipt is quickly printed quickly and given to the customer. All dollar transactions and end of shift totals can also be printed from the same printer.

ParkTech® utilizes an Epson TM-U375 receipt/ journal/validation printer.  This printer was chosen for its reliability and combination feature (receipt, journal and validator in one).

The actual receipt is stored in the permit transaction file and can be printed by depressing the print screen command button.

The software provides the ability to change late deposit posting dates.  This feature allows the deposit date(s) to be changed from what was recorded in the payment transactions, but will actually NOT be deposited until after the recorded date. After the actual deposit date is entered, the software will automatically change the recorded deposit dates. Reports reflect and account for the date changes.

Permit Inquiry/Update

PermitTech® provides the capability to access permits by name, license plate number, and/or permit number. As a result of these inquiries, the administrator has the ability to view the following:

  • Name of permit holder
  • Residential and work addresses and phone numbers
  • Permit number
  • Permit type/Location
  • Date range (beginning/ending dates)
  • Amount paid (for permit)
  • Transaction entry date
  • License plate/2-digit state code
  • Vehicle make, body type, and color

The administrator can perform the following additional transactions:

  • Edit/update permit records
  • View permit payment history
  • Void/reinstate (NSF checks, misuse of permits, etc)
  • Assess/transact payments for special fees (lost permit fee etc).
  • Print a permit from the permit inquiry window.

Permit Reports

PermitTech® has the capability to display a “reports” tab to generate, display, and print all permit reports without exiting the permit module.

The PermitTech® reports include but not limited to the following:

  • Daily reporting on the number of permits issued and the dollar value deposited in the city bank accounts for permits
  • Daily reporting of lost permits that have been replaced and the fees collected (if the municipality charges a fee)
  • Monthly reports summarizing all the daily report(s)
  • Monthly reports of those permits that were not renewed on schedule
  • A notice/reminder of non-renewed permits, to be mailed to permit holders (if appropriate)
  • Annual (or periodic) mailings for permit renewal automatically scheduled 2 months before expiration of permits
  • Notice registers indicating how many renewal notices/letters were sent and to whom they were sent.
  • Monthly report of permits in effect by street, district/zone, etc. as required by the city
  • Permit Wait List – Active by entry date, type, name
  • Permit Wait List – Active by type, entry date, name
  • Permit Wait List – Activity listing by date range
  • Permit Wait List – Inactive by name, type
  • Permit Wait List – Pending by type, name
  • Permit Wait List – Rolodex labels by date range
  • Mailing labels for active waiting list
  • Permit – Active by type, permit number
  • Permit – Active permit detail by type, permit number
  • Permit – Cash book by payment date
  • Permit – Permit types list
  • Permit – Permits in effect by lots, streets, and zones/districts
  • Lost Permit – Lost permit replacements and fees

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