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Integrated Parking Management Software & Services

NetTech Solutions is a full service vendor providing software, systems, and services to form full turn-key solutions. From easy-to-use management solutions, customer self-service portals, and officer ticketing handhelds, all you need is available in one place.

Our systems are connected!  We are integrated with pay-by-cell providers such as mPay2Park and ParkMobile, smart meters and pay stations, to provide current parking session status direct to ticketing handhelds.  Active notification systems will prompt your officers if a vehicle is associated with a scofflaw violator, or a valid permit holder.  

Unpaid tickets?  No problem!  We are integrated with DMV’s which allow us to perform registration queries.  We can perform late-payment escalations and notice generations sent to the vehicle registrant.  Exceeded escalations? We can perform registration holds and releases.

Our customer self-service portals allows customers to join/search permit waitlists, apply for or renew permits, as well as may payments on issued tickets.

NetTech Solutions: Parking Solutions easy as 1,2,3.


PermitTech provides easy-to-use and innovative software to perform permit issuance, sales, generate a receipt and record the payment quickly and efficiently.


PalmTech mobile ticket writers enable parking enforcement officers to issue tickets on handheld computers and have the tickets printed at the scene.  The ParkTech management system is designed to control all phases of ticket issuance, collections, hearings, correspondence and backlog collections.


NetTech provides custom dedicated portals that integrate with the ParkTech management systems.  Customers may create accounts, apply/join/search for permit waitlists or permits, renew permits and pay tickets all in the same place.  With our tight integration, our portals can display all associated permits or tickets and prompt user for total payment due, including escalations for past-due tickets.


Managed in-house or via our turn-key services, NetTech systems can accept payments for waitlists, permits, or tickets/citations.  Payments made via our portals or over-the-counter with our management systems are immediately reflected in the management system and sync to officer handhelds to provide updated scofflaw violators or permit holder information.



Each of our clients have different needs or practices.  That’s why our ticketing solutions are offered in both a handheld + separate bluetooth printer or ALL-IN-ONE: ticket writer, scanner and printer solutions.  Pre-printed or dynamic printable ticket templates are offered.  Pick and choose the solution that is best for you!

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