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MeterTech: Meter & Sign Management Software

MeterTech® is a cost effective, state-of-the-art Meter/Signage Management System.   

MeterTech® was developed exclusively for parking administrators for the inventory, tracking, and maintenance of parking meters and signs. MeterTech® was designed using the latest computer industry technologies with continual enhancements adhering to the most current technologies. 

MeterTech® is compatible with all supported Microsoft Windows® operating platforms and Microsoft Access® or Microsoft SQL Server® databases and is a scalable product capable of meeting the needs of small, medium and large operations – processing power without the high cost of larger database management systems

MeterTech® functional capabilities enable administrative and managerial staff to perform all the required activities for meter/signage inventory and maintenance management.

Meter Inquiry

MeterTech ® provides authorized users the ability to obtain transactional information relating to inventoried meters and signs by performing a simple inquiry.

Inquiry results include status indicators, serial number, meter type, manufacturer, location, rate, and hours of operation and enforcement.

Meter History

MeterTech ® maintains a complete history of each meter in the database – both on the street and in the warehouse.

The systems can be dynamically linked to ParkTech® to provide citation data for meter violations and to automatically dismiss citations where a defective meter was the findings of an appeal.

The user can instantly track repairs, complaints, and work orders.

Work Orders

MeterTech® generates all repair/work orders and can be printed locally or at remote sites.  The system tracks the progress of work orders to insure completion and accurate meter status.  All status changes are written to the history database for on-line real time updates and subsequent tracking.


MeterTech® allows the user to assign repair crews to specific routes, locations, or meters.  Authorized users also have the ability to schedule maintenance and set  daily, monthly, and yearly maintenance routes.


MeterTech® allows the user to assign collection crews and routes.  All meter collections may be entered into the database by route.  The user can quickly

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